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19-Year-Old Dies After Suspected Drug Incident On Night Out

Drug overdose has taken yet another life, and this time a young teenager lost his life in Leamington Spa during a night out with friends. Drug overdoses are on this rise, and more and more teenagers are putting their lives in danger for a little bit of euphoria. Once the body builds up a tolerance against these drugs, it requires higher amounts to achieve the same level of high as before. This often results in overdosing and, eventually, death.

The local law enforcement authorities were called at 5 AM on February 1, 2020, to The Assembly Rooms on Spencer Street. A local teenager was reportedly too sick to even hold himself up, and the locals suspected that it was related to a drug overdose. The 19-year-old teenager was taken to the hospital where he eventually died. Police officers believe that it was an MDMA overdose that took his life.

Another 22-year-old woman from the same area is currently fighting for her life in the hospital and exhibiting the same symptoms as the 19-year-old teenager.

According to the police reports, the victims were at a drum and bass student event held at The Assembly Rooms when they first showed symptoms, but the officers suspect that they may have purchased the drugs from some other place before joining the event.

The presiding detective superintendent, Pete hill of Warwickshire police, commented on the situation by explaining, “At this time we believe the tablet taken is a red hexagonal pill named ‘Red Bul,’ which is supposed to be MDMA, and we are concerned there may be others who have also taken this. Whilst the cause of death has not been confirmed, and we are keeping an open mind as to whether the substance caused an adverse reaction or an overdose, we would advise anyone who has also taken it to seek medical advice.”

Risks of MDMA include drug abuse and overdose. They claim over thousands of lives across the globe every year. It makes sense to refrain from taking these drugs and mixing them with other substances to achieve euphoria. However, if you know someone who has overdosed, immediately seek medical help and take them to the doctors. If these cases are handled within time and with proper care, we can save hundreds of lives. Drug overdose is rising up among the youth, and we need to play our part in fighting against it.