opiate crisis

Buckling Down on the Opiate Crisis 

With more funding, people are aiming to improve the data for drug overdose and allow people to have better access to treatment options. 

 Officials announced that the Trump administration would provide over 1.8 billion to local and state governments to help the efforts to help the major nationwide opioid crisis. 

The crisis has been around for a while, and we have not done much to combat it. However, we are heading in the right direction for the first time since it began. In fact, from the year 2017 to 2018, there was a five percent decrease in drug overdose deaths. This was the first decline we have seen in decades. There is more work to be done, however, we are working towards a better future. Many people still need treatment and support. Those who are in recovery need the most support, and we need to do more to help people prevent addiction. 

There will be two separate grants awarded. One will be about 932 million to substance abuse and mental health programs. Another 900 million will go to the CDC for more research. The money will go to all fifty states and several other territories. It can be used for everything that will expand the use of treatment, coaching, support, and recovery. It will also be used for the distribution of Naloxone. 

There are different recourses for each state, the grants are designed to focus on the different resources per state. It will take time for the money to be distributed, however, it will be used by the CDC to find more accurate data related to drugs. This could be the link between a substance and overdose and where the substance came from. The CDC will also be looking at the connection of gender, race, and age as well when they are looking at overdose deaths. The funds will be used to help strengthen programs used to monitor the drugs. We are aiming to establish better care for those who are having substance abuse problems. 

Each day over 130 people will die in an overdose that involves opioids. This could be from mixing opiates with other materials or by itself. There has been a significant increase in treatments for opioid use in the past three years. This means there is more funding available to these programs because they are needed. We are looking to expand these programs with the money provided and provide people with prevention services as well. 

The battle against the opioid crisis is happening now. We are finally beating or starting to win this battle. It isn’t going to happen overnight, but it is happening. Seeing a drop in deaths related to opioids is the first step. We are also seeing more people get help and have their life saved. We are still a long way away from a victory; however, we are winning. With these grants, we aim for better numbers. We want fewer deaths and more people being helped. We are funding the overdose prevention act and an icd 10 code for drug overdose. This means that we are trying to reimburse people for drug-related help.