Drunk Mother Fell Off Balcony

Drunk Mother Fell Off Balcony

A mother of six was found dead in the front yard one morning. She had been attending an adult sleepover with other women to celebrate a friends 45th birthday.

They were meant to watch a baseball game and swim. They were supposed to enjoy cocktails and each other’s company. Maybe sit back and laugh and remember what it was like to be younger.

The woman throwing the party, Jeanne, had her boyfriend in the basement with a friend watching a football game. Later on, in the evening they came upstairs and hung out with them a bit. It was all meant to be good fun. But for how long?

Throughout the night Tamla Horsford consumed tequila and smoked weed. She laughed and socialized with friends. According to police interviews, everyone at the party liked her. She was smart, friendly and open.

Tamla was friends with Jeanne because their sons played football together. She didn’t know the other women very well, but that didn’t hold her back one bit. The women shared gumbo together along with other snacks as they enjoyed each other’s company.

Tamla took frequent breaks to the upstairs balcony to smoke weed. She ended up being one of the last people awake in the house.

At first, no one noticed her absence. It wasn’t until 8 in the morning of the next day that her body was found in the backyard. She lay face down in the grass, stiff and unmoving, her arm at an unnatural angle.

Tamla Horsford was dead.

There are people online who are claiming foul play, but they have no evidence to back them up. The autopsy report claims senseless damage to her, enough to understand suspicions. She suffered a broken neck along with multiple injuries and lacerations and brain bleeds.

The answer to her death is simple enough though. She fell due to her intoxication.

Tamla Horsford had more than four times the legal limit of alcohol to drive in her system. It isn’t surprising that she could accidentally fall to her railing and to her death.

If she hadn’t been so drunk then maybe she could have survived the fall. But alcohol would have made her confused and more likely to pass out.

This was a tragic accident that could have been prevented. Having a drink at a party is fine. But there should never be a reason to drink this much.