Four Arrested On Possession of Heroin And Fentanyl

Four Arrested On Possession of Heroin And Fentanyl

Police often spend a long time preparing for drug raids. There is a lot involved. They have to find their suspects and investigate. This usually involves finding proof of drugs or drug sales. This can take a while because they need everything to fall into place before they get a warrant.

A warrant allows police officers to invade a home and arrest people in it. This can be a dangerous situation especially if the people inside a home have weapons. The police need to be quick and detain people as soon as possible before fights can break out.

Four people were arrested on federal drug charges after a month-long investigation. They were accused of being selling drugs out of their apartment on Oak Street in Brattleboro, Vermont. The apartment was said to be rented so that they could sell and distribute heroin and fentanyl.

Heroin and fentanyl are opioid drugs. Opioid drugs are derived from poppy seeds. Synthetic drugs are able to be chemically recreated in a lab, like fentanyl. They affect the pain perception of your brain. They are highly addictive and dangerous.

Fentanyl itself is very dangerous because it is so strong. It is so strong that it can sometimes kill people their first time using it if they aren’t careful with it. Many drugs lately have been laced with fentanyl, unknowingly to the user. This means they can easily overdose accidentally because they don’t know the drug is in there.

The United States is having an opioid epidemic. That means more and more people are dying annually due to opioid overdoses. Discoveries like Narcan, a drug that can be administered to reverse an overdose, are amazing. But in the face of the war on drugs, it can’t do enough.

Fentanyl has been finding its way into many drugs and is also causing many unintentional overdoses. Narcan might not be able to revive someone who has overdosed on fentanyl since it is a synthetic opioid. That is why overdose deaths due to fentanyl are going up.

Neighbors had reported that violence was common inside the apartment. It was also common outside of it as well, most likely due to drug use. They were happy to see the four people living there arrested.

Paid informants were sent twice to the residence to buy drugs. This was used in the month-long investigation. This would help lead to the search warrant so that the police could invade the apartment.

The neighborhood was relieved to see these neighbors go. They were tired of the constant threats and violence, and would finally feel a little bit safe again.

People selling drugs from home is very common. It can be easy to tell after a while because people are going in constantly and lots of noise. If you think a neighbor is selling drugs, it is important to let the police know and not to confront them yourself. That’s a safe way to fight our war on drugs.