Meth Uncovered In Kentucky

Four Pounds Of Meth Uncovered In Kentucky

Drugs are out on the street, finding their way into the hands of addicts. Drugs are highly addictive and very harmful to the human body. One of the most addictive and dangerous drugs is methamphetamine, also known as Meth.

Meth comes in both a powdered and crystal form. It can be snorted and smoked and leads to intense highs of euphoria. It is a very common drug to access and can be considered one of the easier drugs to manufacture. Meth damages the body.

Paranoia and hallucinations are a known side effect of meth use. So is “meth mouth” where the teeth start to crumble and decay. Many people end up picking sores into their skin and losing weight. They basically waste away.

Drug use alters brain chemistry. It can change how the brain perceives pleasure. Meth can actually end up killing the user’s ability to feel pleasure. People end up overdosing because they grow tolerant to the drug. Tolerance is when the drug builds up in someone’s system so that they need more of it to get high.

This can lead to overdosing because people don’t realize how much they’re taking. Addicts will do anything to get a fix. When it comes to meth, a symptom of meth abuse is actually the urge to get meth no matter what. They might even be obsessive in their behavior to get as much of the drug as possible.

When someone becomes addicted to drugs, they feel that they can’t stop using. If they try to stop using the drugs, then they go into withdrawal, and their body feels awful. They can have intense flu-like feelings or depression. Addiction is hard to quit without medical intervention.

In Kentucky, a man and woman were arrested in possession of four pounds of methamphetamine. The driver was Michael Hensley, the owner of the car. He already had a warrant out for his arrest. He was wanted because he had a stolen firearm in his possession.

When officers arrested him, they placed him in the police car and then searched his vehicle. He told them there was a firearm in the car between the driver’s side door and seat.

Police found a backpack in the trunk of the car. It turned out that the backpack held four pounds of meth inside of it. The police did their duty and called a drug team to come to take over. It went from a simple arrest of theft to something so much more.

Both Michael Hensley and his passenger Jessica Shuler claimed not to know about the meth. They said they didn’t think it was there and they did not know how it got there.

They were written up on charges of possession.

It is not yet known if either of them had methamphetamine in their system. But having meth in their car did not bode well.

Possession of meth is a criminal offense. Meth and other drugs often destroy lives.