Arrested On Drug Charges

Man In Viral Girl Scout Cookies Photo Arrested On Drug Charges

Going viral on the internet is an achievement in its own right. Many young people these days spend a lot of their time trying to film the perfect incident to gain fame online. When someone goes viral, usually a video or a photo of something they’ve done circulates on the internet. It receives millions of clicks and views.

One such case involved a kind man in South Carolina who wanted to help some Girl Scouts get out of the cold. In Greenville, South Carolina Detric McGowan spent $540 to buy all the cookies from a pair of Girl Scouts so they didn’t have to stay outside in the cold.

A picture of the man went viral. He stood with his arms around two small girls, a big grin on his handsome face. A good deed never goes unpunished, of course, though he alone is to be blamed.

Shot to viral fame, the image was shared millions of times across social media. Then everything changed. A random act of kindness did not apparently keep McGowan from criminal activity.

Only four days later McGowan was arrested. Instead of him smiling openly, his mugshot showed a grim face and bloodshot eyes. He was arrested on many different charges. Some of them included conspiracy to manufacture and distribute heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.

These are three of the deadliest and most addictive drugs out there today. Fentanyl itself has been killing people daily across the United States.

McGowan and ten other people apparently were planning to import drugs from Mexico to the United States. The U.S. already suffers from an opioid epidemic and heavy drugs on the streets.

They were discovered with more than 1 million dollars in cash. No wonder he was able to buy those Girl Scout cookies so flippantly. He had drug money bursting out of his pockets.

The fact that the photo of McGowan and the girl scouts went viral had nothing to do with his arrest. The two were unrelated. The Girl Scouts did not ever feel threatened in his presence and the sale took place as normal.

It just so happens that he went viral in time to make a second round as a criminal.

Busts like this happen regularly, but not usually with so much national attention. Maybe people shouldn’t be so eager to fall into the viral spotlight.