Meth House Murder

Meth House Murder

In January of 2017, the body of a father of two was found. He was shoved under a mattress and other debris in a known drug house. It was found that his body had been left there to linger for days after his death. Drug sales continued like normal through the house.

Trent Balonyk did not expect to die the day he entered that house at 9 am. When a fight started, he tried to do the sensible thing and flee. Sadly, he would not be able to get away in time. The two men in the house caught up to him and started to beat him heavily.

Another man eventually followed and also joined in. It was three against one and Balonyk was not meant to win.

They hit Balonyk with both a baseball bat and a shotgun severely until he passed out. After the poor man had lost consciousness, they pulled him upstairs and strapped him to a chair. They continued to beat him for unknown reasons.

This was a tragedy that didn’t need to happen. An unprompted beating that continued beyond all reason until a man was dead.

Eventually, the violence Balonyk sustained caused a hemorrhage in his brain, by which he died. It was violent and unnecessary.

After Balonyk’s body was found, the three men in the house were charged with his murder. They all confessed, and it turned out meth was behind the brutal attack.

Meth is a stimulant drug that causes an intense and immediate high. It can cause cravings, paranoia, and hallucinations. Over time it can cause the body to deteriorate along with the mind. Meth is a highly addictive drug that can quickly cause people to spiral out of control.

In the case of these three men, they turned on Balonyk in meth-fueled rage.

All three men made apologies to the family in court. They explained how their childhoods were awful and littered with drug and alcohol abuse. The three of them cited their meth use as a huge turning point.

Drugs and alcohol make you lose yourself. Drugs alter your brain chemistry so that you have no choice to continue to use drugs. Over time such use can really harm your body. Meth especially takes over your mind.

Drug use is never an excuse for brutal and violent murders such as this. If you or a loved one suffers from drug addiction then get help before it leads to somewhere dangerous.